Rotary Valve Actuators

Cowan's Rotary Valve Actuators Lineup


A rotary valve actuator is a mechanical device that converts electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic energy into rotary motion. Revolving on a circular path, this type of actuator is typically defined in degrees. It can be set to finite or infinite, depending on what the customer needs.

Cowan offers a variety of rotary valve actuators that can be customized to fit the customer’s requirements for a variety or markets and applications. We also offer valve mounting kits that can be designed for any rotary valve. To see what rotary products we offer and find one that’s right for your operation, visit our Rotary Valve Actuators Product page or speak to one of our team by calling 514-341-3415.

emergency shutdown valv

Emergency Shutdown Valve Systems for Rotary Valves


Please visit individual product pages to see what is offered for each product.

Mounting Kits: ISO, MSS & Customized Patterns Available

Mounting Kits
Cowan valve mounting kits can be designed for any rotary valve. Mounting kits available in steel and stainless steel construction.

Automation Packages

Automation Packages
Integration of Control Accessories
Solenoid Valves
Pilot Valves
Quick Exhausts

Position Feedback
Limit switches and position sensors
Field-Adjustable for open and close indication
Analog and digital feedback

Limit Switches
C-PAC Module: Cowan Pneumatic Actuator Control
Compact, Versatile, Simple, Cost Effective
Designed for Linear and 1/4 Turn Actuators
Fail Close, Open, Last or Lock
Cv up to 11.1

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