ML Series 

NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder

3000 PSI NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder with bore sizes from 1½” to 20″ designed for longevity in the harshest environments.

hydraulic cylinder

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Upgrade to the ML Series.

NFPA ML Series: Bore size range from 1.5” to 20” diameter with a stroke up to 144”. The ML 3000 psi hydraulic cylinder is available in double acting, spring return and extend.


  • Low friction high-speed seals
  • Retained bushing is removable without cylinder dis-assembly
  • 4 wrench flats on piston rod
  • NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Adjustable cushions available as an option
  • Made-to-order stroke lengths
  • Triple-seal gland with dual wipers

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ML Series 3000psi Package

ML Package Solution

Tested and proven for durability with long lasting performance over millions of cycles. Designed for high pressure, fast moving, demanding machinery. Made to Order.

In Market Example

NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder. Seal gland configurations stop any contamination from entering the cylinder, reducing maintenance costs.
Cowan 14” bore ML Series on A380 Landing Gear Test Rig

In Market Example: NFPA 3000psi Hydraulic Cylinder - ML Series