L Series

Hydraulic Servo Cylinder

3000 PSI | Bore Sizes: 1½” to 6″ | Large Size

servo cylinder

Unparalleled control for quick accurate positioning.

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L Series Servo Cylinder: Bore size range from 1.5” to 6”. Designed for the most demanding applications where position control is essential.


  • Prepared to accept a linear displacement transducer
  • Low friction high-speed seals
  • 4 wrench flats on piston rod/high-strength piston-to-rod joint
  • Servo Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Extra-wide piston for optimal guidance and stability under severe side load conditions


  • Adjustable cushions available as an option
  • Made-to-order stroke lengths
  • Triple-seal gland with dual wipers
  • Retained bushing is removable without cylinder dis-assembly
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Design and Materials

L Series Cutaway
Gland Seal Options for L Series

Gland Seal Configuration

  • Gland Bushing: Cartridge type, SAE 660 bronze
  • Primary Seal: Heavy Duty Polyurethane “U”-cup for excellent seal ability and long service life
  • Buffer Seal: PTFE Low friction and long service life. Protects primary seal from pressure spikes.
  • Encased Rod Wiper: Rugged wiper deflects contamination


GT3 Gland

Triple-seal gland with dual wipers. Rugged metallic scrapper and urethane double-acting wiper deflect contamination away from the rod seal for long service life

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L Series 3000psi Package

Servo-Actuator System

Tested and proven for durability with long lasting performance over millions of cycles. Designed for high pressure, fast moving, demanding machinery. Made to Order.

In Market Example

L Series Servo Cylinder. Our servo actuators pass the aerospace industry’s rigorous 24/7 high-cycle testing with flying colours.

In Market Example: 3000psi Servo Cylinder

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