C-PAC Module®

Valve Actuator Pneumatic Manifold

Out of the box valve automation solution for fail-safe, speed control, and safety pressure relief requirements. Compatible with linear and 1/4 turn valve actuators.

Pneumatic Actuator Control Manifold

Model shown with optional equipment

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Save up to 25% by eliminating costly and cumbersome piping, fittings, & panels with our all-in-one C-PAC Module.

Valve Automation Centers have seen a drastic reduction in engineering design time and workload by utilizing our all-in-one C-PAC Module.

The C-PAC Module gives you the flexibility to select any valve brand and any area classification with the assurance of complete compatibility.

With our valve actuator control manifold, reliability and performance are greatly increased by eliminating potential leak points and time-consuming troubleshooting that can occur with conventional manual installations.


  • 1/4″ Namur mount, Cv 1.4
  • 1/2″ NPT, Cv 4.0
  • 1″ NPT, Cv 11.1


Easily configure your actuator for fail-close, fail-open, or fail-last lock (requires air tank for fail-close or fail-open)

Speed Control

Independant control of opening and closing speeds.


Modular Manifold is suitable for a wide variety of applications and mounting configurations

Safety Relief Valve

Built-in safety relief valve protects your equipment from damage due to over-pressurization.


C-PAC can be easily mounted, on either Valve Yoke or Actuator Pad


Eliminate costly and cumbersome piping, fittings & panels




Cut down on reworking the “same-but-different” configuration every time

Cost Effective

Considerably reduce Component Inventory and assembly time