Automate Coker Valves 

For over 20 years, we manufacture control panels for automating coker valves and actuators used in delayed cocking unit refineries.

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Coker valves and actuators cannot operate properly without sophisticated automation and control panels to control and monitor their operation.

The severe operating conditions of a delayed coker unit (DCU) refinery have great impact on coker valves and the actuators that operate them. A key element for smooth operation is that the valves and actuators need to be operated sequentially in order to divert the process at precisely the right time.

Automating coker valves and the actuators are critical for the process to run reliably. They each have safety interlocks restricting their opening and closing through limit switches to maintain process control. Coker valves and actuators cannot operate properly without sophisticated automation and control panels to control and monitor their operation.

Cowan Dynamics supplied its first fully automated switch coker valve control system over 20 years ago for a delayed coker unit. Shortly after, Cowan manufactured a control panel that included interlocks to the inlet transfer line valves in order to avoid dead-ending of the pump. Our coker unit control panels are designed with comprehensive interlock system that allowed for the automated operation of valves with a minimum of risk.

Delayed Coker Valve Automation Solutions

Cowan has been offering panels for fully automated four-way switching and isolation coker valves for the delayed coking unit deck for over 20 years. These coker valves are operated by a control panel with sophisticated logic which provides safety interlocks that are either hardwired to the actuator and DCS (Distributed Control System) or function through a standalone PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for more comprehensive controls and interlocking.

Cowan Dynamics provides turnkey delayed coker valve automation solutions that include intrinsically safe Ex d IIB+H2, IP67 panels, as well as SIL-3 rated valve actuators. Systems can be fully redundant and offer a variety of options, such as remote operation and diagnostics via touch screens HMI in the field

Cowan Dynamics specializes in complex integrations and is capable of offering a factory acceptance test (FAT) to ensure that coker valves, actuators, and panels works to specifications prior to shipment. End-users are often invited to attend testing of these systems at our factory or can remotely view the FAT process online.

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Coker Valve Types for Delayed Coking

4-way Switch and Overhead Vapor Valves

It is fundamental that valves are reliable since they must handle a range of gases, liquids and solids at varying pressures and temperatures. The design of all coker valves in this process must ensure that no heavy residuum is allowed to build in the internals of the valves which will cause failures and operation delays. Coker valves must have low maintenance time due to the criticality of the operation.

Some delayed coking valve types are: coker ball valves which include 4-way switch valves, coking isolation valves, and ring valves

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& Design

We manufacture complex custom control panels with large multi-cabinet PLC based systems for delayed coker unit refinery applications.

  • Components Selection
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Layout Diagrams
  • Interconnection Diagrams
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals


& Integration

  • Assembly of Custom Control Enclosures for Delayed Coker Unit automation

  • Integration and Wiring of Components

& Software

  • PLC/HMI Program Development – All major brands supported

  • Custom development of computer screens for operator interface

  • Database Development

  • Report Generation Software Development

Testing & Certification

  • We have a dedicated team for performing or assisting with FAT and SAT

  • Worldwide Industrial Certifications

Panel Solutions: Control Panel Worldwide Industrial Certifications