AS Series

150 psi

Thrust: up to 72,000 lbs

Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator: High and Low Temperature Ranges
Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator 150psi

Custom now comes standard. Spring into Action
with our industry leading 3 week delivery.

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  • Thrust: up to 72,000 lbs
  • Bore Size: 6″-42″
  • Configuration: Single-Stage and Tandem
  • Stroke Range: Up to 24″
  • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
  • Rod Size 1″ to 51/2″
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Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator Springs Cutaway
“Custom” now comes standard
  • Choose from a full range of readily available dimensional sizes and thrusts
  • Reduce design and developmental costs
  • Faster, simpler selection process improves your project planning and turnaround on proposals, feasibility studies, etc.
Safety comes first, stays first
  • Springs are pre-compressed and factory-sealed inside a welded steel canister: no extended tie-rods required!
  • Modular Canisters are easily and safely removed for simple in-field servicing of actuator piston seals

Fail-Close Overview

AS Series Cutaway
Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator Spring

Spring is pre-compressed and sealed inside
a steel canister at the factory; Allows safe
in-field service of piston packings, rod seals
and bushings

Industry Leading 3 Week Delivery

Control and Monitoring Solutions

Manual Overrides

Manual Override options are available.
Manual Override: Screwjack with Handwheel
Screwjack with handwheel
Hydraulic Manual Override with Indicator
Hydraulic manual override with indicator

GT3 Gland for Harsh Environments

GT3 Gland
Triple-seal gland with dual wipers. Rugged metallic scrapper and urethane double-acting wiper deflect contamination away from the rod seal for long service life.


Low Temp

Cast Iron construction for applications where yellow metals are not allowed

Mounting Kits: ISO, MSS & Customized Patterns Available

Valve Mounting Kit
Cowan valve mounting kits can be designed for any linear valve. Mounting kits available in steel and stainless steel construction.

Anti-Rotation Torque Arm:

Maintains constant alignment between valve stem and cylinder piston-rod. Compatible with rotary type switch boxes and beacons.

Field-Adjustable Travel Stops:
To limit stroke for position-seated or limited-travel applications. Ensures valve reaches positive sealing every time without damage to valve internals.

Automation Packages

Automation Package
Integration of Control Accessories
Solenoid Valves
Pilot Valves
Quick Exhausts

Position Feedback
Limit switches and position sensors
Field-Adjustable for open and close indication
Analog and digital feedback

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AS Series 150psi Package

Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Custom cylinder, with superior control. Reduce design and development costs now. 

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In Market Example

Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator. 13 Spring satisfies 80% of Fail close requirements. It’s the next evolution of Cowan Dynamics’ industry-leading A Series. Over 55 years of Series A cylinder design.

In Market Example of a Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

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