E2H Series

Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Compact. Simple. Versatile. Delivering thrust up to 282,600 lbs and equipped with an energy efficient motor design for linear control valve automation.

electro hydraulic actuator linear valve automation
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The E2H Series is an all-in-one design for linear control valve automation. No need for separate & bulky hydraulic power units and hoses.

The E2H, Electro-hydraulic Actuator for linear valve automation packs high performance into the smallest possible installation envelope for linear valve actuating applications.

All hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a single compact manifold block that also houses the linear actuator and integral oil reservoir.

The control panel can be mounted directly to the manifold block or installed remotely to run multiple units from a single control panel This self-contained actuator can be installed either vertically or horizontally and has no external piping.

Specifications At a Glance


Thrust up to 282,600 lbs


ESD Capable


Very Low Power Consumption - Lock in Place


On/Off or Modulating Service


Deadband adjustable down to 0.1% of stroke


100% Duty Cycle


Tight Shutoff


Fail Last Lock, Fail Close or Fail Open


Electro-hydraulic Actuator Types

Rotary Valve | Linear Valve


Interactive Icons

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electro-hydraulic actuator control valve

Easy To Use Display

The large, easy to use touch screen display makes it easy for quick setup and operation. The software provides logging of real-time valve performance analysis.


Compact Design

All in one design. No need for separate hydraulic power units and hoses.


Versatile Modes

The E2H provides Fail Last, Fail Close, and Fail Open modes. It also has the ability to be mounted in horizontal and vertical positions.


Linear Valve Actuator

The linear valve actuator offers up to 282,600 lbs of Thrust.

Valve Compatibility

Our Series E2H Electro-hydraulic Actuator is compatible with any process valve that requires linear motion.

Learn More About: Valve Types

knife gate valve actuator

Knife Gate Valve

gate valve actuator

Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Pinch Valve

The Panel Design

electro-hydraulic actuator control panel
Main Panel: The E2H electro-hydraulic actuator control panel comes standard with touch screen* for quick setup and easy operation. The panel can be mounted remotely or on your E2H.

In addition, you can operate your E2H locally using the physical buttons on the front of the panel.

electro hydraulic actuator status screen
Status Screen: The E2H status screen gives you a quick overview of your system status. Available from the touch screen* or via Ethernet.
electro-hydraulic actuator status display
Remote Screen: Operate your E2HR remotely using one of the communication protocols below.
Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Available Panel Communication Logos
*Touch Screen not available for low temperature electro-hydraulic actuator applications

Operate Your E2H Remotely Using Our Remote Panel Option

multiple electro-hydraulic actuators
  • The control panel on the electro-hydraulic actuator can be mounted remotely and control multiple valves.
  • It’s ideal for hazardous area locations.
  • It gives you the flexibility to mount the control panel in a safe zone thereby providing a significant cost saving.
  • Access valve performance data for multiple valves from one control panel.
  • Designed to suit your installation.

Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuator Design

electro hydraulic-actuator side view
Compact: The Linear Electro-Hydraulic Acutator is an all in one design. No need for a separate hydraulic power unit and hoses.

Simple: Easy to use touch screen for quick setup and operation.

Data Logging: System records position and time data for valve performance analysis.

Partial Stroke Test: Initiate PST from touch screen or remotely.

Versatile: Can be mounted in horizontal valve stem applications.

Remote Diagnostics and Trouble-Shooting by Cowan*
(*direct VPN connection required)



240V Single Phase



115V Single Phase



575V 3 Phase



460V 3 Phase




Nema 4



Nema 4X



Nema 7

Hazardous Area Class


CSA approved Cl 1, Div 2, grps A, B, C, & D

CSA approved Cl 1, Div 1, grps C, & D

ATEX, II 3G EEx nA II T3 -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 65°C

ATEX, II 3G EEx nA II T3 -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 65°C Tamb ≤ 65°C

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