A21A Pneumatic Booster

Do more with less.

Consisting of a basic system plus an air-2-air booster, Cowan’s Pneumatic booster air systems are designed for applications in which the available air pressure is too low and where space for additional air tanks is limited.


  • Air driven, double acting pressure amplifiers
  • No mechanical or electrical power required
  • 4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 intensification ratios
  • Compact, lightweight, corrosion resistant construction
  • High air flow output 100 cu in per stroke
  • Ideal to fill large air tanks where plant line pressure is low
  • Quiet operation
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Tank system vs A2A Boosted System

Tank System vs Boosted System Comparison

The A2A System has a smaller foot print resulting in less factory floor space being used

The most common solution with a spring return cylinder will require a 30” bore cylinder with a spring preloaded with 20,000 lbs of force. The total weight of the cylinder will be 4000 lbs approx and the footprint is 32” x 32”. The weight of the cylinder demands a field support structure.

400gal vs 60gal

The A2A System

  • 60 gal Tank
  • 430 lbs
  • 20×20 Footprint
  • 16in Bore

upto85% Smaller

upto45% Lighter

Design and Materials

A2A Series

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Fail Safe System Modulating Package

Fail Safe System Modulating Package

Tested and proven for durability with long lasting performance over millions of cycles. Designed for high pressure, fast moving, demanding machinery. Made to Order.

Booster Testing

250psi Pneumatic booster. Arctic Service – Our pneumatic fail-safe system is reliable, quiet and fast even at minus 54C.

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portalId: ‘2986039’,
formId: ‘b5c6b2e9-02ba-43c2-aa8f-9b6d7541d16f’