CDA Series

Diaphragm Actuator

400,000 cycles Without Loss of Precision | Effective Diaphragm Area: up to 217 in2| Thrust: up to 13,000 lbs


diaphragm actuator

Excellent Repeatability, Small Size, Ease of Actuation Work


  • An adjusting mechanism is incorporated into the actuator design to allow for adjustment of the spring pre-compression
  • Excellent repeatability: tested to over 400,000 cycles without loss of precision!
  • Outputs repeatable thrust force
  • Extended service life
  • Nested spring design to maintain compactness


  • Effective Diaphragm Area: up to 217 in2
  • Thrust: up to 13,000 lbs
  • Stroke: up to 4.00″
  • Pressure Rating: up to 60 psi
  • Direct or Reverse Acting Styles
  • Fail-Close or Fail-Open
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Valve Compatibility

Our Series CDA Diaphragm Actuator is compatible with any process valve that requires linear motion.

knife gate valve actuator

Knife Gate Valve

gate valve actuator

Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Pinch Valve

CDA Series Design

Panel Box

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