CRP Series

Rack & Pinion Actuator

Rack and Pinion Actuator

Cowan CRP Series Rack & Pinion Actuators are designed to suit a wide range of applications; from commodity to severe-service extremes.


  • Torques up to 110,000 in-lbs
  • Pressure Rating: up to 115 psi
  • All moving parts are contained in Nylon bearings

  • Full compliance to worldwide standards and specifications
  • Innovative universal drive shaft: Customized drive connections can be made in lieu of the standard double square bottom drive shaft connection
Rack & Pinion Actuator - CRP Series: Double-Acting

Double-Acting Actuator

Rack & Pinion Actuator - CRP Series: Spring-Return

Spring-Return Actuator

rack pinion actuator performance graph

Get Maximum Efficiency with these reliable high (Red), standard (yellow), and low (blue) operating temperature ranges.

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CRP Series Design and Materials

CRP Series Cutaway

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