CRP Series

Rack & Pinion Actuator

Rack and Pinion Actuator

Cowan CRP Series Rack & Pinion Actuators are designed to suit a wide range of applications; from commodity to severe-service extremes.


  • Torques up to 110,000 in-lbs
  • Pressure Rating: up to 115 psi
  • All moving parts are contained in Nylon bearings

  • Full compliance to worldwide standards and specifications
  • Innovative universal drive shaft: Customized drive connections can be made in lieu of the standard double square bottom drive shaft connection
rack pinion actuator performance graph

Get Maximum Efficiency with these reliable high (Red), standard (yellow), and low (blue) operating temperature ranges.

Valve Compatibility

Our Series CRP Rack & Pinion Actuator is compatible with any process valve that requires rotary motion. 

knife gate valve actuator

Butterfly Valve

gate valve actuator

Plug Valve

Segmented Ball Valve

Trunion Ball Valve