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At Cowan we create solutions for industrial production offering our customers a wide selection of products.  We answer the needs for efficiency, great price and machine reliability. 

Increase your output quality, gain a greater return on your investments with Cowan Dynamics®. Use the the following documentation to find the best fit machine for your operation.  We are happy to answer any questions. Email us info@cowandynamics.com

Product Documents

NFPA & Mill Type Cylinders

250 PSI NFPA – P Series

 3000psi NFPA – ML Series

 ML Series with Mechanical Stop

 Hydraulic 3000psi Servo Actuator – L Series

 5000 psi Mill Type Cylinder – R5 Series

 300 bar Mill Type Cylinder – RM Series

 3000 psi Mill Type Cylinder – R3 Series

Mill Type Cylinder – RP Series

Medium Duty NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder – N Series

Linear Valve Actuators

Diaphragm Actuator – CDA Series

Double Acting Valve Actuator – A Series

Spring Return Valve Actuator – AS Series

Control Valve Actuator – AT Series

Dart Valve Actuator – AT Series

 Double-Acting Hydraulic Valve Actuator – ML Series

 Spring-Return Hydraulic Valve Actuator – MS Series

 Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator - E2H Series

Rotary Valve Actuators

Rack & Pinion Actuator – CRP Series

Valve Automation Solutions

Pneumatic Control Manifold – C-PAC Module

A2A Booster

Air-Spring Fail-Safe Systems - FCS Series

Panel Solutions


Industrial Linecard

Process Industry Linecard

Steel Industry Linecard

Valve Automation Linecard

Technical Documents

Double Acting Valve Actuator – A Series

Control Valve Actuator – AT Series

Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator – AS Series

3000 psi NFPA – ML Series

250 PSI NFPA – P Series

SIL 3 Certificates

A, AS, AT Series

A2A Booster

ML, MS Series

CSY Series

SIL 3 Safety Manuals

A Series

AS Series

AT Series

A2A Series

ML Series

MS Series

CSY Series





Welding Certificate

CSA Standard W47.1

Product Documentation Gallery

Cowan’s next generation of technical brochures and documentation. Designed for easy reading, a quick reference for cylinder tables and data.  At the back of each brochure is a how to order page, use this table to help in describing parts and features. Thank you for considering Cowan Dynamics®.

How To Order Documents

Partner Brochures

Why Cowan

Cowan offers a winning combination of skills, resources and customer service excellence.

Deep roots
We bring over 50 years experience in Canadian and international industrial markets – mining, oil & gas, electric power generation, aviation, pulp and paper, coal processing, and much more.

Exceptional teamwork
Great products, like great companies, are only as good as the people behind them.

Integrated resources and capabilities
We bring you the benefits of a specialized custom shop together with full-service manufacturing and assembly – all part of an integrated solution tailored to your needs.

The best systems and solutions in the business
Cowan has built an international reputation on the quality of our products and their performance record in the world’s most challenging environments.