C6A Series


Hydraulic Valve Actuator

Temperature Range


  • Nominal Pressure: 3000 psi / 5000 psi
  • Closing Time: ≤ 5s
  • Enclosed System
  • Solenoid Valve: 24 VDC, 10W
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C6A Series: API 6A Hydraulic Actuators
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C6A Series Design & Materials

C6A Series - Diagram

Self-Contained ESD System

The Self-Contained ESD System is a safety system that is designed to provide reliable valve shutdown capability when an external power source is either not available or not dependable. Using a hand pump with different control parts, a zero leakage circuit is maintained to ensure valve movement does not inadvertently occur until a fail-safe signal is received.

Easy to Operate

The Self-Contained ESD System, with its sequence valve and bypass valve, can directly pressurize and open the valve conveniently in spite of external conditions.


All control system components are integrated on one manifold, with all channel connections among each part designed within the module. The structure is compact, reliable and no leakage even in extremely high or low ambient temperature.

Enclosed System

With volume compensating design, the hydraulic control loop is totally isolated with air, avoiding deterioration or contamination of the hydraulic oil. The C6A can be installed at any angle necessary.

Temperature Compensation

Temperature compensation of high pressure actuator circuit and low pressure control circuit is accomplished with two separate accumulators. This assures system stability by minimizing relief valve operation and eliminating valve drift due to large temperature changes.

Fast Trouble Shooting

Specialized troubleshooting design provides a quick self-diagnosis system.

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