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Electro-Hydraulic Linear Valve Actuator

Compact. Adaptable. Simple.
Data Logging. Partial Stroke Test.


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SIL3 Capable Valve Actuators

Air to Air Booster

85% Smaller

45% Lighter

Designed and engineered for severe-service applications. Consisting of a basic system plus an air to air booster, Cowan’s boosted air systems are designed for applications in which the available air pressure is too low and where space for additional air tanks is limited.

Hydraulic Actuation

NFPA & Mill-Type Cylinders

Standard NFPA, Mill-type, and custom actuation. Designed and built for harsh environments

Pneumatic Actuation

Linear Valve Actuators

Standard valve and custom actuators. Offered for on/off and modulating applications

Partner Products

Rotary Valve Actuators

Standard valve and custom actuators. Designed to suit a wide range of applications.

Package Solutions

Valve Automation Solutions

Specialized design, engineering and assembly of automation control systems

Get quotations with ease

A dedicated, proprietary online portal enables OEM customers to quickly configure and order their products online using pre-built order forms and selection criteria tailored to their operations.

Actuation made easy


Drop in and Go – Actuation

We make custom cylinders and systems for various industrial applications. Here are just a few.

ML Series for Saw Mill

Built tough for rapid cycle times. Drop it in place and leave it for years. Clevis and trunnion mounts available. Order the ML Series.

R Series for Mill Type

Strong, powerful, and persistent. The R Series supports pressures up to 5000psi and comes in three different models, (R5, RM, R3). Find your perfect match. Visit the R Series

A, AT, or AS Series for Valve

Quick and easy connections. Save with less down time and service costs. Drop in and go. Purchase one of the following cylinders or both a valve and a cylinder.
A Series, AT Series, or the AS Series.

AT Series and Control Panel for Flotation

Get control, eliminate position hunting, avoid constantly replacing those stubborn linkage arms and faulty cylinders. More ORE = More $$$. Only with the
AT Series and Control Panel

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