CGO Series

Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator

gas oil rotary actuator

Cowan CGO Series Gas/Oil Rotary Actuators have Electronic Line Break Protection

Cowan CGO Series Gas/Oil Actuators uses natural gas or nitrogen gas as the motive power and hydraulic oil as the driving medium to actuate the pipeline valve to a fully open or fully closed position.


  • Electronic Line Break Protection
  • Torques up to 4,000,000 in-lb
  • SIL 2 Capable


  • Explosion-Proof Level: Ex d IIB T4
  • Ingress Protection Level: IP 65 (IP 68 available)
  • Suitable for Rotary (Quarter-Turn) valves. Linear design also available.
  • Air Supply Pressure: 5 – 150 Bar
  • Nitrogen Gas Application: High-sulfur natural gas and oil pipelines can use nitrogen gas as a power supply. With the bubble tight pneumatic control manifold, the nitrogen bottles only need to be replaced once or twice a year.

Valve Compatibility

Our Series CGO Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator is compatible with any process valve that requires rotary motion.

knife gate valve actuator

Butterfly Valve

gate valve actuator

Plug Valve

Segmented Ball Valve

Trunion Ball Valve

CGO Series Design & Materials

Pneumatic Control Manifold: Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator - CGO Series

Pneumatic Control Manifold

  • Zero leakage within 5 to 150 Bar, especially suitable for nitrogen gas application
  • The specifically designed muffler is used for venting noise reduction
  • Solenoid valves are SIL 3 Capable
Scotch-Yoke Mechanism: Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator - CGO Series

Scotch-Yoke Mechanism

  • Quarter turn stroke: -5° to 95° adjustable
  • The cylinder features dual seals to guarantee zero leakage
  • Symmetric and canted yokes are available to satisfy various valve torque profiles
Hydraulic Hand Pump: Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator - CGO Series

Hydraulic Hand Pump

  • Integrated with a four-position directional control valve for open, closed, automatic and bypassed operation shifting
  • Hydraulic outlet is consistent for every stroke operation
Application image of Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator - CGO Series

Line Break Protection

The CGO Series is an electronic line break detection and protection system for real time monitoring of pipeline pressure, pressure drop rate, etc..

Low Power Consumption

  • Power Requirement of 0.8W


  • Records high-pressure, low-pressure and pressure drop rate extremes
  • Can improve the acknowledgment or the pipeline pressure fluctuation where the GAO is located


  • Supports a low temperature display down to -40°C


  • Local Communication: USB, with PC software
  • Remote Communication: RS485, with standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
Supported Communication

CGO Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator. Extreme temperature laboratory simulation.

Extreme Temperature Test for Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator - CGO Series