Electro-hydraulic Emergency Shut-off Valve Automation

Self-contained system engineered for fast, safe, and reliable failure conditions on the loss of power and/or ESD signals.
esd valve actuator system

 Introducing the new Cowan Dynamic’s E2H-ESD. From our line of Electrohydraulic actuators (E2H), this unit has been specifically designed to operate emergency shut-off valves (ESDV).

Understanding how crucial ESD valves are for the safe operation of piping systems, the E2H-ESD actuator provides fast, safe, and reliable failure conditions on loss of power and/or ESD signals.

The E2H-ESD emergency shut-off valve actuator is designed to operate in hazardous areas and under extreme conditions.

Learn About the E2H-ESD Modular Features

The E2H-ESD features and completely modular design consisting of the following modules; hydraulic power, hydraulic cylinder, scotch yoke mechanism, spring canister, and control panel for local and remote operation.
e2h-esd actuator module

Hydraulic Power Module


Control Panel

Local/Remote controls Module: Can be mounted directly on the unit providing a self- contained compact design or remotely in cases where the unit cannot be accessed easily due to installation or environmental conditions.


Hydraulic Cylinder Module

Cowan's Series ML: NFPA heavy-duty 3000 psi rated linear actuator


Scotch Yoke Mechanism Module

Symmetrical units completed with +/- 5% mechanical travel stops, local visual indicators, and a rotary beacon with position feedback for end-to-stroke and partial stroke set points


Spring Canister Module

Fully sealed compact canister, all welding is certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2. This spring canister is also fully modular and field-replaceable.

E2H-ESD Features

Fully modular design
Torques up to 3,000,000 in-lbs.
On/Off Service, Emergency shut off valves (ESD)
Local and remote control
Visual position indicators
Explosion proof design
SIL 3 (Pending)
Fast acting
Fail Last, Fail Close or Fail Open
Operating Pressure: 2,500 psi
Partial stroke test (PST)
Manual override, Hydraulic hand pump
Electricals CSA certified
esd actuator
esd valve actuator

E2H-ESD Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuator Specifications


On/Off - Emergency Shutoff​

Ambient Temperature rating​

Standard - (-20C to +40C) ​
High - (-20C to +55C) ​
Low - (-40C to +40C)​
Standard HMI - (0C to +40C)​
Low Temp HMI - (-30C to +40C)

Environmental Protection


Hazardous area classifications

Class 1, Division 1, Gr C&D (CSA/cUL) ​
General purposes (CSA/cUL)​
ATEX, II 3G EEx nA II T3 -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 65°C, Tamb ≤ 65°C

Max available torque​

3,000,000.00 Lbs-in  Hydraulic output

306,000.00 Lbs-in Spring output 


SIL-3 (Pending) ​
CSA/UL/ATEX, Electricals​
Province CRN as applicable for accumulators

Partial stroke ​

Standard ​- 3rd limit switch, set position ​​
Smart option* ​- Configurable to any position from 0% to 100%  

Duty Cycle 

Standard - On/Off Applications​
Smart option*- Inverted duty motor - Continuous duty, Variable speed

Conduit Entries 

Four (4) bottom ½” NTP entries

Rotary Valve Types

Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve, etc.

Common Applications

Conventional, gas storage, HP/HT Wells. Pipelines, tank farms and others

Common Terms

Surface safety valve, safety shutoff valve, emergency shutdown valve (ESDV), hydraulic shutdown valve, shutdown valve (SDV), emergency shutoff valve






















Local Operation ​

§ Standard Display: ​
            • Power/Overload/Open/Closed & PST light indicators ​
            • Open/Close/push buttons​
§ Smart Display*​
           • Multi-colour HMI touch screen

Remote Operation

§ Standard Inputs: ​
           • Discrete Open/Close/PST/ESD signals​
§ Standard Outputs​
           • Discrete open/close limit positions ​
§ Smart Inputs*​
           • PST signal- 4-20mA positioning ​
§ Smart outputs*​
         • Programable PLC, 4-20 mA position feedback

*Smart display available only for general purposes application and at operational temperature range of -30C to +40C​





Actuator mechanical Design

Scotch Yoke

Scotch Yoke

Failure system

Spring return, fully sealed in a compact canister. Welding's Certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2. Option for hydraulic return on preloads higher than 306,000 lbs.-in

Hydraulic accumulators system designed to 2 strokes. Option for spring is available 

Fail Function

Fail on Loss of power & ESD Signal

Fail on Loss of ESD Signal

Operational ambient temperature rating

(-50C TO 40C) 

(-40C TO 70C) 

Control Panel

Standard: Installed on the unit wired and tested
Option: Remote 

Standard: Installed on the unit wired and tested
Option: Remote 


Standard-Power/Overload/Open/Closed & PST light indicators. Open/Close/push buttons
Option: HMI-Multi Color Touch Screen (only available with the smart PCL option)

Standard LCD Screen, circuit printed board. Navigation buttons, Open/Close buttons. Local, Remote selector


Standard: Discrete. Open/close/ESD/PST
Option: Smart PCL, 4-20ma control, 4-20 ma c/w HART, PROFIBUS,PROFINET.

Standard: Discrete. Open/close/ESD/PST

Environmental Protection 



Hazardous Area classification and certifications

CSA or uL or cUL CI1,Div1&2,Gr C&D

Ex d IIC T6

Power Supply Voltage

120VAC/60Hz/Single phase. Options available

220VAC/50Hz/Single phase. Options available

Manual Override

Standard: Manual Hydraulic pump

Standard: Manual Hydraulic pump

Partial Stroke

Comes standard, set at a set position. Standard 20% open. Speed adjustable

Comes standard, set at a set position. Standard 20% open

Fail safe time 

Fast- Less than 15 secs for all models. Adjustable and padlock able

Standard : Fixed. Not adjustable.
Option: Adjustable, not lockable

Stroke operation

Directly driven by the hydraulic pump. No down time, recharge not needed

Driven by the pressurized fluid in the accumulators. Accumulators sized to 2 strokes, after this accumulators must recharge

Recharge time

Not required. Unit is always available to stroke the valve

Between 15 to 30 mins depending on the model

Modular Design

Yes, Controls and hydraulics can be provided remotely mounted as a standard design if required


Hydraulic Design

All Hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a compact manifold block. The complete hydraulic system is Fully enclose and pad-lockable

All hydraulic valves are included in a enclosed cabinet, interconnection between components is all done with stainless steel  tubbing and fittings. 

Mechanical travel stops 

Mechanical travel stops +/- 5%  and local position indicator

Mechanical travel stops +/- 5%  and local position indicator

SIL Certification 

SIL 3 (Pending)

SIL 2 (HFT)=0 ; SIL 3 (HFT>=1) 

Lifting lugs 



Learning Center for E2H-ESD Hydraulic Actuator

What is an ESD Valve?

Emergency shutoff valves (ESD valves) are specifically designed to shut the process, often carrying hazardous media, in the case of an undesirable event. For this reason, they must be actuated to automatically respond to a signal triggered by such an event. They are key components in a safety instrument system providing protection to operators and the environment.

Where are ESD valves most used?  

These valves can be found mostly in the oil and gas industry, installed in pipelines, production wellheads or tank farms. Typically, they are in very remote locations where sources of energy are limited or not available. These valves are critical to process safety and need a reliable self-powered automatic shutdown system.
The E2H-ESD actuator is a reliable and energy efficient equipment that combines the precision and large force capacities of hydraulic systems with the convenience and availability of electric power. Designed to operate any type of rotary valves in hazardous areas under extreme conditions, this actuator has been tested and certified to meet requirements under the CSA Group for its electrical components and in conformance with requirements under IEC 61508 standard to meet its safety integrity level

In the E2H-ESD actuators, all hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a compact manifold block. This results in space saving, ease of installation and elimination of leaks and break points by removing all hoses which leads to reduction in down time required for service.

Units come standard with components certified to Explosion proof under hazardous area classifications, even when all components within this module are rated to hazardous areas the module is fully enclosed and pad-lockable for additional protection to environmental conditions and safety to operators

The E2H-ESD uses a hydraulic cylinder from Cowan’s own series of heavy – duty 3000 psi rated linear actuator, ML.

To ensure a safe and reliable failure condition regardless of the operation status, the power-fail-safe model of the E2H-ESD is completed with a spring that is fully sealed in a compact canister, all Welding is Certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2.

The electrical control panel comes standard mounted directly on the unit providing a self- contained compact design ready to be used. When required, the panel can be mounted remotely in the areas where the unit cannot be accessed easily due to installation, environmental conditions, etc. Moreover, to provide cost savings and ease of status monitoring for operators in case of multiple actuators, a central control panel can be mounted remotely to control multiple units.

Designed to be energy efficient, In the E2H-ESD Series actuators the motor stops when there is no movement required from the valve, this leads to very low power consumption and increased life of moving components.

Understanding that emergency shut off valves are critical parts of safety systems and therefore a reliable actuator is a must, the design of the E2H-ESD is a non-complex (Type A) component based on the definition of IEC 61508 (device with well-defined failure modes, well known failure rates, and behavior under fault conditions that can be completely determined), for which has a Safety Integrity Level of 3. Components which are in effect in the fail-safe function are all SIL certified.