E2H Electro-Hydraulic Linear Valve Actuator Series

Cowan Dynamics launches modular E2H Electro-Hydraulic linear valve actuator series.

Montreal, Quebec
April 26, 2016

Cowan Dynamics announces the launch of its E2H Series Electro-Hydraulic linear valve actuators. The E2H has been designed from the ground up to pack high performance into the smallest possible installation envelope. All hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a single compact manifold block that also houses the actuator and integral oil reservoir. The control panel can be mounted directly to the manifold block or installed remotely. This self-contained actuator can be installed either vertically or horizontally and has no external piping. Available for on/off or modulating applications and for a wide range of communication protocols.

Compact: All in one design. No need for a separate hydraulic power unit piping and hoses.
Thrust: Up to 125,000 lbs
Simple: Easy to use touch screen for quick setup and operation.
Operating Temp: -50C to +40C
Data Logging: System records position and time data for valve performance analysis.
Partial Stroke Test: Initiate PST from touch screen or remotely.
Versatile: Fail-last, fail-close or fail-open. Can be mounted in horizontal position.

Cowan Dynamics, established in 1957, has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Quebec, a sales office located in Mississauga, Ontario and is represented through a national and international value-added partner network.

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Written by Cowan Dynamics

April 27, 2016

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