Easytork Vane Actuators Partnership

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Easytork Spring-less Actuator

A spring less return actuator with remarkable motion and a simple design. Offers advanced actuation, resulting in significant lower costs and faster turnaround time.
Cowan Dynamics, a leading provider of actuation and process control solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients worldwide, has today announced a new business partnership with St-Louis based Easytork Automation corporation. Its remarkable motion and simple design offers advanced actuation resulting in significant lower costs and faster turnaround time.The heart of the design is the patented actuator body with an integral air reservoir, which eliminates the need for springs and exponentially increases the efficiency and reliability of our actuator.

Easytork Strongest warranty in industry – 2 years or 2 million cycles.

Our actuators will perform to your satisfaction.

Only 1 moving part – Pure rotary to rotary motion, Install and forget for years.  Experience the quality of a smaller and greener actuator
. A Spring “less” -­ Return ActuatorDirect benefits include:
  • Flexible mounting: Actuator feature triple ISO mounts to ensure adaptability to almost any valve
  • Reduced inventory. One SKU for double acting, fail close or fail open operation.

Written by Cowan Dynamics

December 9, 2014

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