Electo-hydraulic Actuator VS Hydraulic Actuator

When comparing electro-hydraulic actuators vs hydraulic actuators, the electro-hydraulic actuator is self contained. Bulky and complex piping systems are not needed.

The electro-hydraulic actuator control valve provides flexibility to easily control the opening and closing time of the valve. With standard hydraulic actuators cost of installation can be significantly higher due to the hydraulic piping infrastructure required. Whereas an electro-hydraulic actuator is self-contained and can be easily installed within hours. In addition, electro-hydraulics offer a wealth of real-time data to analyze valve/actuator performance over time. When comparing different valve actuators it is best to talk to one of our expert valve actuator sales professionals to help determine the ideal solution for your application.

Written by Cowan Dynamics

October 6, 2020

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