Pneumatic Manifold for Easy Valve Automation

Valve Actuator Control Manifold Application

Up to now when you needed a pneumatic control circuit for a double acting cylinder, you ended up with a very cumbersome and costly hardware assembly to setup control valve fail modes. The time and cost required to lay out and bend the various pipes, install fittings, control valves, and filter regulator components can run into the hundreds of dollars for the valve automation center or technician. Now you have an alternative. Cowan Dynamics offers the C-PAC module which is pneumatic manifold saving up to 90% in assembly time. The C-PAC is a one single pop-in unit that can be installed in a couple of minutes on any pneumatic cylinder. The shorter path flows resulted from using a pneumatic manifold for control valve automation reduces pressure drops and improves the overall system energy consumption. Cowan Dynamics C-PAC module is an out of the box pre-assembled pneumatic manifold that incorporates the functionality of either:

  •  fail open
  • fail closed
  • or failed-last conditions

In addition to the fail mode configuration, the C-PAC provides:

  • speed control
  • safety pressure relief setup

Additionally, you can easily switch from fail open, failed closed, or failed last conditions by simply changing one part. Save up to 90% on installation time and up to 40% on components and labor costs. The valve actuator control manifold is available in:

  • 1/4″ Namur mount, Cv 1.4
  • 1/2″ NPT, Cv 4.0
  • 1″ NPT, Cv 11.1

It will save you money time and after sales service head-aches. Contact us today and start saving serious money.

Written by Cowan Dynamics

June 26, 2020

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