What are NFPA Cylinders?

We often get asked: “What does NPFA mean with respect to cylinders?” (Hint: The National Fire Protection Association is not endorsing cylinders)

NFPA Cylinders have common features that are designed based on standards created by the National Fluid Power Association (www.NFPA.com). This allows the flexibility for end users to interchange cylinders between one manufacturer and another. Common features include port sizes and locations, mounting styles and mounting dimensions. These linear actuators are available in both hydraulic and pneumatic versions. Construction consist of square end caps and typically four tie rods. The cylinders are available in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. NFPA standards allow greater flexibility to find a cylinder that fits your application.

nfpa cylinder cowan dynamics

(Image: NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder -Perfect for the auto industry, cylinders are optimized for many cycles.)

Some features of Cowan’s NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder are:

  • 3000psi pressure rating
  • Availability in double-acting, spring-return and extended
  • Triple-seal gland with dual wipers

And some features of Cowan’s NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder are:

  • 250psi pressure rating
  • 316 Stainless Construction for corrosive applications
  • Attachments such as Rod clevis, eye brackets and more

Written by Cowan Dynamics

November 2, 2019

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