What is a Mill-Type Cylinder?

mill type cylinder actuator

Mill-Type cylinders are cylinders designed to fill a need for a more durable, more reliable product to reduce down-time and maintenance costs. Based on design specifications that are not subject to NFPA limitations, the mill-type cylinder has heavy-duty construction with steel flanged end caps, heavy-wall steel tubing, bigger pistons, bearings, advanced gland design, and numerous other features. The mill-type cylinder also has a high pressure rating which is well above industry standards. Together these features assure greater reliability under the severest environmental and operational conditions.

metal rolling mill type cylinder
Photo: Improving the control of the production of steel plates on a Duo rolling mill.

The main difference between between a mill-type cylinder and a NFPA cylinder is that the mill-type is not constrained to NFPA limitations and as a result, the rod bearings are extra long. Some of the major design features of a mill-type are:

  • 5000 PSI pressure rating
  • Extra long piston rod bearing provides longer bearing life than conventional NFPA rod bushings
  • Dual wiper design, consisting of a Polyurethane wiper and metallic scraper; keeps contamination out of the cylinder for maximum seal life.
  • Custom mountings designed to suit specific application.

Written by Cowan Dynamics

August 2, 2019

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