P Series

Pneumatic Cylinder

250 PSI NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder| PA: Medium Duty | PS: Heavy Duty Steel | PC: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

nfpa pneumatic cylinder

Geared for gears. A versatile pneumatic cylinder.

A popular pneumatic cylinder used within many factories of the auto industry. 316 Stainless Construction for corrosive applications. Including attachments such as Rod clevis and Eye brackets. P Series bore size range from 1.5” to 14”. Piston rod diameter of 5/8″ to 3 1/2″. The P Series is available in the following:



Medium Duty



Heavy Duty Steel



Heavy Duty Stainless Steel


  • Dual seal gland
  • High-strength piston to rod joint
  • Removable cartridge rod bushing
  • Adjustable cushions available as an option

  • Ideal for high-speed applications
  • Made-to-order stroke lengths
  • Unique cushion design provides maximum cushioning combined with low “breakaway” forces

In Market Example

NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder. Perfect for the auto industry, cylinders are optimized for many cycles.

In Market Example: 250 PSI pneumatic NFPA Cylinder