P Series

Pneumatic Cylinder

250 PSI NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder| PA: Medium Duty | PS: Heavy Duty Steel | PC: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

nfpa pneumatic cylinder

Geared for gears. A versatile pneumatic cylinder.

A popular pneumatic cylinder used within many factories of the auto industry. 316 Stainless Construction for corrosive applications. Including attachments such as Rod clevis and Eye brackets. P Series bore size range from 1.5” to 14”. Piston rod diameter of 5/8″ to 3 1/2″. The P Series is available in the following:



Medium Duty



Heavy Duty Steel



Heavy Duty Stainless Steel


  • Dual seal gland
  • High-strength piston to rod joint
  • Removable cartridge rod bushing
  • Adjustable cushions available as an option

  • Ideal for high-speed applications
  • Made-to-order stroke lengths
  • Unique cushion design provides maximum cushioning combined with low “breakaway” forces
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Design and Materials

P Series Cutaway

In Market Example

NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder. Perfect for the auto industry, cylinders are optimized for many cycles.

In Market Example: 250 PSI pneumatic NFPA Cylinder

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