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Valve Automation Solutions

Cowan Pneumatic Actuator Control

C-PAC Module®

Modular Manifold is suitable for a wide variety of applications and mounting configurations. Contains every foreseeable pathway for fail close, fail open, fail last and fail lock configurations. Eliminate costly and cumbersome piping, fittings & panels.

  • Designed for all linear and 1/4 turn actuators
  • Fail Close, Open, Last or Lock
  • Cv up to 11.1

Compact. Versatile. Simple. Cost Effective.

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Air to Air Booster

Dual-Stage High-Output Pneumatic Booster

Consisting of a basic system plus an air to air booster, Cowan’s boosted air systems are designed for applications in which the available air pressure is too low and where space for additional air tanks is limited.

  • Bore diameter: 6″
  • Rod diameter: 5″
  • Stroke: 12″
  • PSI 250 psi
  • Intensification Ratio 4 to 1 
  • Low Temp. -48ºC to 60ºC
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Air-Spring Fail-Safe Systems

FCS Series

Designed to trigger a fail-open, fail-close or fail-last condition in the event of loss of power, air supply, or both; fail-safe systems prevent unwanted system conditions from occurring during emergency situations.

Custom-Made, Secure, Cost-Effective

Safe. Effective. Reliable.

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Panel Solutions

From small simple local control panels to large multi-cabinet PLC based systems, the control panels are engineered and designed based on the logic provided by the end user. Custom development of computer screens for operator interface is provided and Cowan’s panels have worldwide industrial certifications.

Custom Control Panels and Systems

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Control and Monitoring Solutions

Mounting Kits: ISO, MSS, & Customized Patterns Available

Cowan valve mounting kits can be designed for any linear valve. Mounting kits available in steel and stainless steel construction.

Anti-Rotation Torque Arm:

  • Maintains constant alignment between valve stem and cylinder piston-rod
  • Compatible with rotary type switch boxes and beacons

Field-Adjustable Travel Stop:

  • To limit stroke for position-seated or limited-travel applications
  • Ensures valve reaches positive sealing every time without damage to valve internals
Automation Solutions: Valve Mounting Kit

Conventional Actuator Control Solutions

Conventional actuator control solutions are also available.

Integration of Control Accessories

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pilot Valves
  • Quick Exhausts
  • Positioners

Position Feedback:

  • Limit switches and position sensors
  • Field-adjustable for open and close indication
  • Analog and digital feedback
Automation Solutions: Automation Package

Manual Override

Manual override options are available.

Automation Solutions: Screwjack with handwheel

Screwjack with Handwheel

Automation Solutions: Hydraulic Manual override with indicator

Hydraulic Manual Override with Indicator

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