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Motion and Control Solutions

We provide our customers with complete solutions. To complement our core offerings, we work with the world’s leading manufacturers in the motion and control field


Linear Displacement Transducers by Balluff

Accurate non-contact position sensing with a variety of electrical options. Interfacing to your control system will never be a problem.



 Standard Linear Position Sensor

 Low-profile K & W series

 Embedded Transducer

Servo Valves by Star

High quality electro hydraulic servo valves and ancillary equipment, used in a wide variety of market sectors



 Star Linecard

Star - Servo Valves
Go Switches - Topworx

Go Switches by Topworx

GO® Switch leverless limit switches provide reliable, durable position sensing in the most demanding plant conditions.

  • Flange-type cylinder switches
  • Thread-type cylinder switches


 Go Switches Brochure

Rod Locks by Nexen

Stand-alone and cylinder-mounted rod locks for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, automotive, and textile industries. High clamping forces ensure positive holding with minimal air required for release. Available up to 5,000 lbs.

 Cylinder-mounted with manual release Stand-alone

Rod Locks - Nexen
Digital Positioners - PMV

Digital Positioners by PMV

Easy to install, calibrate and operate, PMVC digital positioners provide reliable control and monitoring of control valves in harsh environments. The PMV line offers numerous features and options to ensure maximum flexibility in virtually any process industry application.

Control Valves by SlurryFlo

SlurryFlo control valves provide exceptional performance and reliability. The patented gate profile and unique orifice trims are custom-designed for controlling any application – from water to extremely abrasive slurries.

Control Valves - SlurryFlo

Cowan Dynamics Motion and Control

Cowan Dynamics has over 50 years of expertise in integrating and linking control products to our core offerings. We provide complete motion control solutions for industrial and harsh environments that answer the needs of any application. Unparalleled performance and longevity.