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Gas/Oil Rotary Actuators Video Gas/Oil Rotary Actuators use natural gas or nitrogen gas as the motive power and hydraulic oil as the driving medium to actuate the pipeline valve to a fully open or fully closed position.  High-sulfur natural gas and oil pipelines can use nitrogen gas as a power supply. With the bubble tight pneumatic control manifold, the nitrogen bottles only need to be replaced once or twice a year. The electric line break module allows for real time monitoring of pipeline pressure, pressure drop rate, etc.. Learn more about Gas/Oil Rotary Actuators by visiting our CGO Series page.

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SIL 3 Safety Rating

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and Cowan Dynamics has a range of SIL 3 safety certified actuators to meet Safety Integrity Level requirements for flow control equipment and valve automation.  The concept of safety integrity levels (SILs) is now prevalent in the field of safety-critical systems, and a number of standards advocate its use in the design and development of such systems. This rating is designed to provide customers with reliable actuation solutions in critical applications without compromising their Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS – compliant with IEC 61511/ISA 84). Meeting various national and worldwide standards, SIL has four levels used for rating. The higher the level, the better the system performance.  Assignment of SIL is an exercise in risk analysis where the...

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Hydraulic Mill-Type Cylinders Video Mill-type cylinders are designed to be a more durable, more reliable product to reduce replacement and maintenance costs. It has a high pressure rating that is well above industry standards with a wide ductile iron piston for long bearing.  In Market Example: Improving the control of the production of steel plates on a Duo rolling mill. Learn more and read: What is a Mill-Type Cylinder?

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Air-to-Air Booster Video Consisting of a basic system plus an air-to-air booster, pneumatic booster air systems are designed for applications in which the available air pressure is too low and where space for additional air tanks is limited. Learn more about pneumatic booster systems by visiting our A2A Series page.

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The Future of Flotation Control valve actuators solve the factory linkage arm issues with one simple replacement. See how it works and learn how to get more out of your flotation cells with customized control panels and pneumatic actuators. To learn more about control valve actuators, visit the AT Series page,

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Electro-Hydraulic Valve Actuators Video Electro-Hydraulic Actuators are compact, simple, and versatile. Available with On/Off or Modulating Service, the actuators can fail last, fail close or fail open. Low temperature capabilities mean the electro-hydraulic actuator is available for arctic service. Learn more about Cowan's E2H Series by visiting the product page.

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Eletro-Hydraulic Actuator

Featured Valve Automation Actuators

A Series Feature

Designed and engineered for severe-service applications, the A Series bore sizes range from 4” to a whopping 42” diameter. We also offer a wide range of automation options.


AS Series Feature

Next-generation “compact” model provides a shorter and lighter canister for installations where space is a premium.


ML Series Feature

Our ML Series Double-Acting Hydraulic Valve Actuators are designed to suit a wide range of applications; from commodity to severe-service extremes.