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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Instruvalve Perú

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Instruvalve Perú. Instruvalve Perú is appointed as Cowan Dynamics Inc exclusive distributor servicing Perú. Instruvalve Peru, a national company with 8 years of experience in the market, provides reliable solutions in the area of ​​Automation, Process Control and Fluid Management. We welcome Instruvalve Peru as our Regional Business Partner!  

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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with company ASTROTECH EQUIPMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with company ASTROTECH EQUIPMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED. ASTROTECH is appointed as Cowan Dynamics Inc exclusive distributor servicing the territories of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bhutan. With a strong passion in control valves, ASTROTECH Equipments has honed its skills in marketing and servicing all types of control valves, we are confident that our partnership will provide our customers with an outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. Welcome ASTROTECH as our Regional Business Partner!  

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No application is too large or too small!

No application is too large or too small. We engineer our valve actuators to meet our customer's specifications. This small Series AS Compact model has a 10" bore with a 2.75" stroke. Compare this to our large Series AS tandem 32" bore with a 12" stroke. Learn more about our spring-return pneumatic #actuators:

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Duke T. Tran PEng MBA visiting at Velan Inc.

This Month we had the visit of Duc (Duke) T. Tran PEng MBA at Velan Inc.During an inspection of our latest E2H90 Electro-hydraulic units for rotary valves, he had the opportunity to see the latest addition to our Electro-hydraulic family, the E2H-ESD. The E2H-ESD is designed for emergency shutdown #valves and successfully finished a 26,000 cycle performance test. Thank you for the visit, Duke!! Learn more about the E2H-ESD:

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Rush order of valve actuator for critical plant shut down at an oil and gas facility

Going the extra mile for our customers is always our priority. Rush order for a critical plant shut down at an oil and gas facility in Western Canada. The transducer supplier severely delayed the shipping however our excellent engineering team found a solution within our series AT, Pneumatic Modulating Control Valve Actuator, and redesigned the already made actuator and built it in one day!

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E2H90 Valve Actuator Shipment for Emergency Shutdown Trunnion Ball Valves

Look at the latest shipment of our Electro-Hydraulic actuators for on/off rotary valves, E2H90. These units are getting ready to be installed in emergency shut down trunnion ball valves. These actuators have a rated torque of 1.3 million lbs-in, 8 to 60 secs adjustable fail time, position feedback via 4-20ma HART, Explosion-proof rated, and a safety integrity level of 2.

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Emergency Shutoff Valve Automation with Cowan’s E2H-ESD Actuator

Montreal, Quebec May 3, 2022 Cowan Dynamics, a leading industrial valve actuator manufacturer, continues to advance valve automation with the release of the E2H-ESD. The E2H-ESD actuator is the newest addition to their electro-hydraulic actuator lineup and is designed specifically for Emergency Shutoff Valve (ESD) automation. “In 2021 we released the ZE-ESD – a Zero Emission, ESD valve fail-safe system used in remote areas where power is not available. This product was successfully implemented and praised by remote pipeline operators.” Says Maria Aguirre, Director of Business Development. “Refineries and pipeline operators required more advanced valve automation for their ESD valves. We are pleased to announce the release of the E2H-ESD.  The system provides ESD valve automation with...

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Patrick Berry – New Manufacturing Operations Director

We are really excited to welcome Patrick Berry to the team as our new Manufacturing Operations Director. Patrick brings over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of fluid-powered systems. Patrick will be responsible for all engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing operations, we are sure he will accomplish great things. Welcome to the team Patrick!

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After 25 Years at Cowan Dynamics – Happy Retirement Frank!

After 25 years with Cowan Dynamics, Frank is moving on to his next stage in life: a well-deserved retirement. Frank has started his career with us as a CNC lathe operator and all-around great machinist. He moved into the position of programmer, where his in-depth knowledge of machining processes really came to shine.His general helpfulness and willingness to go beyond the call of duty earned him the respect of management and his coworkers alike. Frank is now working on his golf game and hopefully will be equally successful at this new endeavor. From all of us: Happy retirement and see you on the links! Your friends at Cowan Dynamics.

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Cowan Dynamics is excited to announce the appointment of Ana Munteanu

Cowan Dynamics Inc is excited to announce the appointment of Ana Munteanu, CGMA, to the position of Director, Commercial Finance. Ana will be responsible for all Finance Reporting, Analysis, and Planning and will oversee and manage commercial business processes, with a focus on consistency, accuracy, and structure. We are thrilled to have her taking on this role. Congratulations Ana!

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What is an anti-surge valve?

An anti-surge valve is specifically designed and installed to protect the compressor from reaching its surge point. The valve is in the system, in a by-pass that connects the inlet and the outlet of the compressor. In normal operation, this valve remains closed, however, if the surge is detected, it quickly opens to maintain a minimum flow and directs the backflow to the outlet of the compressor to avoid damages. The valve must be completed with controllers that use the suction and discharge pressure and temperatures to determine the flow at which the condition of surge will occur. It is crucial for such valves to be operated by actuators that can achieve extremely fast stroking times, high frequency of operation minimal dead time and minimal overshoot. What is compressor surge?  In...

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📖 Delayed Coking & Delayed Coker Unit Reference Guide

Coking Refinery Types Delayed Coking Delayed Coking is a refinery unit operation that upgrades the lowest value bottoms material (vacuum resid) from the atmospheric or vacuum distillation column and cracks it to the point that all of the resid is eliminated. This process yields lighter fractions and solid carbon into higher-value products and produces petroleum coke—a coal-like material. During the cracking process, a firing heater with horizontal tubes is used to achieve temperatures ranging from 485 to 505 C (905 to 941 F). Coking in the furnace tubes is, therefore "delayed" until the feed material reaches large coking drums downstream of the heater. You can produce petroleum coke in three physical structures: shot, sponge, or needle. Simply put, a delayed coking unit (DCU) processes...

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The Importance of Valve Positioners

The valve positioner is a feedback mechanism. It allows valves to be positioned precisely in accordance with the output signal of the controller, in the presence of major disturbances caused by unbalanced forces acting on the valve stem, changes in actuator temperature, etcetera. Even a relatively small actuator, that otherwise would have to be bench-set to an unacceptable degree, can be stroked precisely when a valve positioner is used to signal the valve position. Positioners are not now considered to be the universal solution to many problems. In fact, in some control circuits the effect of fitting a positioner can be detrimental. Whilst it is an advantage to use positioners in slow systems, it can be a disadvantage in the case of control loops with short reset times. A positioner...

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Designed and engineered for severe-service applications, the A Series bore sizes range from 4” to a whopping 42” diameter. We also offer a wide range of automation options.


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Our ML Series Double-Acting Hydraulic Valve Actuators are designed to suit a wide range of applications; from commodity to severe-service extremes.