Cowan Products

Standard NFPA, Mill-types, and custom actuation. Designed and built for harsh environments

Products: Hydraulic Actuation

Hydraulic Actuation

Standard NFPA, Mill-type, and custom actuation. Designed and built for harsh environments

Products: Pneumatic Actuation

Pneumatic Actuation

Standard NFPA, Mill-type, valve and custom actuators. Offered for on/off and modulating applications

Products: Air-Spring Fail-Safe Systems

Air-Spring Fail-Safe Systems

Engineered to meet your site-specific process control requirements and operating challenges


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NFPA & Mill-Type Cylinders

P Series

ML Series

Medium Duty NFPA Hydraulic

N Series
Medium Duty NFPA Hydraulic

L Series
3000 PSI Servo Actuator

R Series
Mill Type Cylinder

RP Series
Mill Type Cylinder

Linear Valve Actuators

CDA Series
Diaphragm Actuator

A Series
Double-Acting Valve Actuator

AS Series
Spring-Return Valve Actuator

AT Series
Control Valve Actuator

AT Series
Dart Valve Actuator

ML Series
Double-Acting Hydraulic Actuator

MS Series
Spring-Return Hydraulic Actuator

C6A Series
API 6A Hydraulic Valve Actuator

E²H Series
Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuator

Rotary Valve Actuators

CRP Series
Rack & Pinion Actuator

CSY Series
Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

CGO Series
Gas/Oil Rotary Actuator

E2H90 Series
Electro-Hydraulic Rotary Valve Actuator

Valve Automation Solutions

C-PAC Module
Pneumatic Control Manifold

A²A Booster

FCS Series
Air-Spring Fail-Safe Systems

Panel Solutions